The Lord of the Rings Character Impressions

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Here just doing impressions of The Lord of the Rings characters. Impersonation is the greatest form of flattery, therefore I choose to flatter J.R.R Tolkein’s characters by doing just that, impersonating them. LOTR is one of my favorites. The Hobbit is pretty cool too.

From Gandalf, to Saruman, to Frodo, to Samwise Gamgee, to Hobbits, to Aragorn or Strider, to Legolas, to Gimli, and back again.

Check out the other videos on my channel DavidBrownActor. David Brown Actor is what I use as my channel name because I graduated with an MFA in acting and am pursuing that goal!

Go ahead and peruse the other videos on this channel. They’re pretty stinkin’ something else.


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