Top 10 Coolest Handshakes (The Handshake)

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These are the top 10 coolest ways to give someone a handshake. I’m not talking NBA stuff. I’m talking about the straight up awesomest ways to do a handshake. Try any of these and your cool factor goes up at least 2 or 3 levels. At least.

Top 10 list:
10: The Shotgun
9: The Stickshift
8: The Dead Fish
7: The Smooth Switcheroo
6: The Two Man Saw
5: The Corn Shucker
4: The Car Starter
3: The Facepalm (Face Palm)
2: The Make it up as you go
1: The Caress
Bonus: The Kiss

Wanna see something crazy? Check it out:


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